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Staff Packing for D-Camp

As I'm preparing to spend a month away from home in Muskoka as part of the Dietetic Team at Camp Huronda, I'm not sure exactly how to pack.

It can't be much different than the campers, right? So, I found this amazing D-Camp Packing List within the amazing Camp Huronda Guide to get some ideas from.

I feel like I know less about the staff accomodations than the camper bunkies. I think that's because it's MY first year, I don't know anyone personally who has worked there, it's alsothe first year open after the pandemic PLUS there have been improvements and renovations thanks to a donation from Novo Nordisk in 2021. I can't wait to show you the new digs when I arrive at Camp Huronda to start the 2022 season! But first things first: getting ready to go.

Here's what I do know from the Medical Staff Facebook group & the Dietetic Coordinator so far, as I've begun to pack:

- Bring a fan for your room

- T-shirts as shoulders need to be covered for sun safety after the UV level goes beyond 2

- Bathing suit with straps, no bikini style

- Shorts that are not like bathing suit bottoms

- No flip flops (for safety, while running)

- Flashlight for walking around at night as the walkways are not lit

- Wifi is available in the dining hall when no campers are present - it's an electronic free zone for the kids! (But as a staff I can. I'll be completing study requirements for my Master of Applied Nutrition.)

- I will probably have a roommate

- Bathrooms and showers in building down the hall from our rooms

- Laundry facilities are available, and possibly weekly paid laundry service (Campers have this service free halfway through their stay - so fantastic!)

It's a good start, but the rest will be tested once I get there and see for myself (and you too!).

So, I have decided to bring (beyond the camper list and the usuals when traveling to a cottage/resort):

- a Rubbermaid 3-drawer container just in case I don't have access to a dresser

- hangers

- towels

- flashlight

- fan

- power bar/cords

- flip flops for shower

- laundry basket

- sleeping bag

- pillow

- blanket

- twin? sheet set

- yoga mat

- power bank

- laptop

- iPad/tablet

- school supplies

Here's part of the process as I'm packing:

Obviously, I want to be prepared and comfortable for a month of living and working on-site. I will probably overpack to reduce cost of buying anything I discover I'm missing. I am lucky to have my car up there (yes there's parking for staff). I can drive 10 minutes into downtown Huntsville, if I do need anything. I have been there so many times before and I know it has everything you need (and tons of cute shops, restaurants, cafes and bakeries).

So with my car ready to be packed very soon, I'm about to head north for a month of adventure, food, learning and, probably, fun and new friends too! I can't wait to discover & observe the unique opportunity of what's it's like to be a camp dietitian. Just a few more sleeps!


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