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How do you like my new logo?

Well the winds are a-changing and the path of life is always winding….

So I have been working with a local graphic designer and print expert, Donna S. through Monkey Business.

It started with a dream and a name I coined back in 1999! Yes I made myself known as Nutrition Bites when I decided to switch to Nutritional & Nutraceutical Sciences at Guelph (instead of Biomedical Sciences – that became my minor/specialization) for my undergrad degree.

Then came some glitches – life throws you curve balls and you have to learn patience (that’s an ongoing, lifelong pursuit I think for most of us).

So after months of edits (really it was only 3 sets – I’m just very busy and she can be as well), I finally have a dream coming true.

Today is the day I reveal Nutrition Bites.

Let me know what you think, honestly. And as well, I will be doing updates to my website at as well as deciding what to do with a website design that truly reflects me and might combine this blog with that site. So feel free to tell me what you like, what’s missing out there that you desperately want to see (realistic reviews of food or recipes & recipe books, more nutrition tips, more of MY recipes, nutrition facts vs myths, mindful eating) as well as any kinds of services or resources you are looking for.

One big thing I thought of today at a community meeting was perhaps a resource page for London & area and Ontario resources – “let’s not reinvent the wheel” Deb says – so that you can find what you are looking for (kind of like how knighthunter was privately run because there was a need for it, now it’s very well-known and on billboards).

As well, do not forget to find a copy of Community Connect London or check it out online (I prefer print for outdoor reasons!). The most recent article of mine is found here:

My Nutrition Bites logo is the first step of hopefully many on this path.

Stay tuned for “My Worst Client” series – this time a recipe with carrot “junk” from his juicing machine! Waste not want not!

And don’t forget to comment on my logo and what you want my blog and website to do for you and your health and “edu-tainment”.


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