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After Eights … Or “Eight After”

So while chatting with my younger daughter tonight on the phone, I discovered the “kid in a candy store” mentality.

She recently discovered After Eight chocolate mints. (“Try it again” is applied to everything!). And tonight under the watchful eye of her other family, she binged on “a lot” plus Pot of Gold ones too. Oh my!

[ Picture to come… Guess a purchase is in order to avoid copyright issues. Or perhaps a gift delivered soon? 😉 ]

She kept saying “Eight After’s” but complaining about her stomach ache.

I giggled to myself: I love her kid mix ups.

She says, “Why did I just get a stomach ache now and not right away?” I told her it takes your body slower to signal “stop” than just instantly. And it was her eating so fast that she didn’t give her body time to catch up.

But then thought “So true. Eight After you feel sick.” But here’s the take home message for the possible adult reading this:

We all enjoy the delish things (especially the new loves in our life). But it’s more about savouring them. Quality over quantity. And you can have too much of a good (tasting) thing.

So when the kid in you sees the candy store…. Pick a favourite and try a new one. But when seeing a treat, use your feet ;). Your stomach will thank you. Trust my daughter Mary during this now, unmerry moment.


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