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Quick Camping Hack

Lots of blog post ideas came out of my two camping trips in July. I will spend time penning them later but wanted to share one of my frugal tips for YOUR next camping trip.

Ever go to a hotel and not use their coffee pods? They look a bit like tea bags but fit into those mini coffees makers that barely make two mini cups.

Well, you paid for the room AND the conveniently packaged coffee. So save the ones you didn’t use for a quick cup while camping!

Boil water, brew a bit longer than you would tea, stir around to make sure it’s strong enough and voila!

Way better than the instant coffee crystals or trucking tons of camping gear with you (parents: I know your struggles. We have enough to carry and only two hands and a bit of sanity left. )

Next camping post will be on my attempt to make French toast while camping. It definitely will make you laugh! Recipe AND a food product on trial!

But the scenery was great!

Happy Camping in the Great Outdoors to you!


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