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Product Review: Sol Cuisine Sprouted Quinoa Chia Burgers

A quick post after a very hectic personal life was necessary tonight.

A busy night of kid activities led us trying this product.

My little one has been begging to be in a blog post ever since the older one was featured in one trying NuPasta.

We had NO burger buns and tried them right out of the microwave. It took over 3 minutes: a bit more than the two minutes on the instructions but I won’t split hairs.

My little one did manage to quickly split ….

… the burger and the blog post.

Don’t you love the IKEA kid plates. She sets the table (chore charts are a parent’s best friend I tell you) so sometimes we dine on plastic.

The results were unanimous.

We didn’t like them all that much.

Green plate: I ate mine.

Yellow plates: The little one had one bite and chose carrots, an apple, cheese and whole wheat toast instead. (NOTICE: 3 food groups and everything she can make herself. Mom only makes dinner once and needs to feed herself too!)

The big one took one bite and opted for oatmeal and fruit juice. (She’s been heavy on the fibre lately so I know she’s getting her veggies and fruits during the rest of the day.)

This product has a very noticeable quinoa crunch with the old fashioned veggie burger taste.

Microwaving is not optimal as a cooking method. They were kind of soggy in the middle but dry and crispy on the edges.


  • Quick and easy to cook

  • Vegan

  • Gluten free

  • No soy filler

  • Source of fibre

  • Source of iron

  • Made in Canada (but not all are Canadian ingredients)

  • Ingredients (except modified cellulose) are real food ingredients


Cost – Expensive at over $6 for 4 (71g) patties

  • Very veggie taste – not a good hamburger alternative/swap

  • Not kid friendly

  • Texture is crunchy and soggy

  • Nutrition facts table does not give a great display of the healthy fats possibly present

  • Lower in protein than I expected

  • Required to be in the freezer, not the fridge & cooked thoroughly.

So this is a thumbs down, no thank you, will not buy again product.

I was highly disappointed in the product but truly bought it myself with the hopes it would shine bright like the package.

I ate it. It’s not terrible, but being the omnivore that I am, it’s definitely not as delicious as my regular beef, chicken or venison alternatives. It’s definitely not a product you serve at a BBQ thinking “those (traditional) people won’t know the difference”.

For those of you on certain diets (vegan, gluten free) or allergic to soy, this product is something you might want to try if it goes on sale. Or clearance.

It’s just not my cup of tea.


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