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My debut “bites” on the radio

I was asked by a local radio station reporter, KD Grainger, to talk about Nutrition Bites. She caught wind of my Kids Cooking Classes and thought it would be a great thing to chat about.

I’m not super video savvy yet but I thought I’d try my best at sharing her coverage on my passionate take on cooking.

First here’s s link to her SoundCloud radio link. Click here to hear Nutrition Bites talking about kids cooking.

Then to read the rest of the article follow this link to read X FM & KD Grainger’s report on Nutrition Bites, but cooking doesn’t have to.

The video link is good but honestly I not a fan of watching myself. My animated self just needs to relax more I think. So I just need more practice. Anyone else want to help me with my interviewing skills?

But all jokes aside, I’m happy to see that the first thing she covered: no mandatory home economics in schools anymore.

And with that being said, why when the government is looking at health strategies they focus on physical activity improvements but don’t want to put student/child nutrition as their responsibility?

I hope Trudeau, who is as young as me and with a family of his own too, will read this blog post. Then hopefully he can make history by bringing back the basics in our education system. And yes, cooking healthy from scratch is a skill that is just as important as math and sex ed.

I wish the public got more upset to ask their elected officials to do more to teach their kids things that were taken for granted they would learn from their busy parents, and was removed from grade 7 & 8 curriculum by their parents’ generation.

So perhaps out there, you know someone who could share this and use social media for good.

Get behind the idea that we are missing the basics yet essential things we are teaching our kids.

Find out more on the Ontario Home Economics Association Website about how we are keeping it alive for a future generation.


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