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All About Nutrition Bites

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Nutrition Bites helps you get healthier in little bites! 

We believe in a wholesome and holistic approach to health. Everyone is motivated by different reasons, but having an educated coach with friendly and positive encouragement makes all the difference. We are in the business to give you confidence in your choices, empowering you to get healthier with strategies & lessons that you take away for life.

Hey, I'm Sandra Venneri

I’m Sandra Venneri! I am a Registered Dietitian with 3 nutrition degrees (to date):

BSc  - Honors in Nutritional & Nutraceutical Sciences (University of Guelph)

BSc - Food & Nutrition with Dietetic Specialization (Western University)

MAN - Master of Applied Nutrition (University of Guelph)

Why does this matter?  I base my professional advice in the most up-to-date SCIENCE and research to ensure you are getting the best information possible for your health!

I’m also one of the lucky ones in Ontario to be a registered Professional Home Economist (P.H.Ec.). This means I specialize in cooking, recipe development, and family health as well as the current trends of couponing, work-life balance and community development.


My life path has been a winding road and has given me the opportunities to work with organizations such as:

  • Diabetes Canada

  • Heart & Stroke

  • Anita Steward Food Laboratory

  • Agriculture & AgriFood Canada and OMAFRA

  • ‘NSTEP

  • Agricorp

  • Reif Estate Winery

  • 20 Valley Harvest

Sandra Venneri

I have also been a part of several research and teaching opportunities. I’ve helped run and fund student snack programs competed in a pseudo-Dragon’s Den and presented to several groups on nutrition and health. I was a speaker for the Ontario Snack Program Conference as well as a Metro Green Apple Grant recipient for a program I designed. As a nutri-foodie, I’m a huge supporter of healthy fundraisers and incentives – just ask me about all my ideas!


  • Winner of Food Support Services Healthy Eating Case Competition

  • Dr. Theresa Topic Award

  • Helen M. McKercher Scholarship Recipient

  • OHEA Founder's Honour Award 

  • 2017 Mompreneurs Award Top Finalist - Start Up Award

  • London Home Economics Association (LHEA) Scholarship

  • Ontario Home Economics Student Media Release Winner

  • Martha Molina Steers Leadership Award

  • Kristen French Memorial Award

Check out some of the organizations I’m in:

  • Ontario Home Economics Association 

  • Dietitians of Canada 

  • Culinary Historians of Canada

  • Canadian Society of Nutrition Management


  • Craving Change Certified Facilitator

  • Food Handlers Certificate

  • Smart Serve

  • SuperHost

In The Media


I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to showcase my knowledge through several platforms. I’m grateful to be able to reach different communities and educate them about the importance of nutrition! 



Honourable Mentions in Others’ Work:

  • Acknowledged in published journal article in Pest Management Science:

  • Mechanisms of resistance to organophosphorus insecticides in populations of the oblique-banded leafroller Choristoneura rosaceana (Harris) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) from southern Ontario by Dr D. Pree et al., 2003.

  • Acknowledged in published Nutrition For The Long Run – A Handbook by Heidi Smith, BSc, RD. 

  • Homegrown Cookbook by Mairlyn Smith & OHEA

  • Canola Connect Harvest Camp Participant in promotional videos

  • Join the #FarmToFood Conversation video

  • This is #CanolaConnect Harvest Camp video

  • What is a P.H.Ec. video by Ontario Home Economics Association


Partners and Sponsorships

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