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Services For Kids


Nutrition Bites is all about giving your child confidence in their choices, empowering them to get healthier with strategies and lessons that they will take away for life. 


It’s your values that determine what health and success mean to you. We can help you to plan, implement and evaluate goals with you and your child so that they are attainable and sustainable for your family’s busy lifestyle.

Explore some of the services we offer to teach your child the importance of nutrition: 

My Daughter Cooking Speghetti

Online Cooking Classes

Get Excited! I also host virtual cooking classes for those not near one of our locations.

If we can't be in the same kitchen, I still want to help your kids thrive and feel confident in their own!

Cooking Classes


Understanding nutrition and its benefits is an important life skill to have. For children, it should be just as important as being on a hockey team, joining a dance team, or getting into music! With Nutrition Bites Cooking Classes, your kids will be taught the importance of nutrition, food safety, and will get to develop a taste for all the foods they do and don’t like. 
I offer one-on-one cooking classes where your child gets to come to join me in my kitchen and learn a bunch of delicious recipes. These classes give you an hour to yourself while providing your child a chance to start leading a healthy life by being able to cook for themselves. Maybe they’ll even start making you dinner!

A Look at the Menu​


Classes are taught by me, a friendly, fun, and patient Professional Home Economist who loves seeing kids come alive in the kitchen. Nutrition Bites offers an engaging cooking experience for your child with credible health and nutrition advice being integrated into each lesson.


Nutrition Bites wants kids to be excited to try new foods, confident in making their own snacks and meals at home, and more informed about how to make nutritious choices for themselves!


Lessons and Recipes Ideas:

  • Breakfast Bonanza: Kids learn to make their own healthy breakfasts (Egg Pizzas, Healthy Pancakes & Custom Fruit Salads!)

  • Better Baking: Kids learn baking basics while exploring the science behind making things healthier!

  • Veggies Go Viral (& Spiral): Kids learn how to make veggies fun and easy choice with delicious recipes!

  • Basta Pasta!: Kids learn to make pasta from scratch (a 2-hour lesson includes how to make sauce and a lasagna)!

  • Chicken Challenge: Kids learn how to cook chicken into many different meals such as fajitas & stir-fries!

  • Natural vs Added Sugars: Kids learn to enjoy the sweeter things nature has to offer.

  • Quinoa Crazy: Kids learn recipes to use this awesome healthy alternative.

Vegan, vegetarian, low-sodium and other menu options are available.

Options and Prices

Please note that HST is not Included in the prices stated.  HST charged when not part of Registered Dietitian services.

4 Lesson Package - $350:

  • In just four lessons, your child will learn the essentials of cooking and baking all while having a blast in the kitchen - and giving you a well-deserved break!

  • 4 Lessons

  • 90 minutes in length

Note: All four lessons must be scheduled with full payment. 

Single Lesson - $100:

  • There’s a lot that can be learned in 90 minutes! With the guidance of Nutrition Bites, your child can learn how to make a recipe of their choice and have fun while doing it

  • A single 90-minute long cooking lesson

BFF Lesson - $150:

  • Shy kid? No problem! Your child can bring a friend or sibling along to their lesson!

  • 2 children get the chance to cook!

  • A single 90 minute long lesson.

Private 2+ Hour Lesson - $220:

  • This lesson is slightly longer than our regular lessons and includes a take home dinner for your family to enjoy

  • 120+ Minute Lesson.

  • Take Home Dinner for the family!

Birthday Parties


Nutrition Bites hosts birthday party cooking classes to celebrate your child's special day with all of their friends. With the Birthday Party cooking class, your child can bring along all their friends and have a fun time learning about nutrition and getting to learn a bunch of awesome recipes!


The birthday party cooking classes are both educational and fun! With Nutrition Bites, a healthy and delicious recipe is made from scratch by the birthday child and their party guests! The kids will get a lesson all about nutrition and its importance. A bunch of cooking tips and tricks are shared throughout the party to keep things educational! Every child also gets to leave with their very own Nutrition Bites sticker so they can show off and celebrate their new kitchen skills. 


All cooking supplies including ingredients are brought to your home.

Menu and Pricing

Menu Recipe Options:

  • Waffle & Fruit “Sundae”

  • Vegan Banana Cupcakes

  • Mini Carrot Cakes

  • Lemon Quinoa Salad

  • Veggie Mini Pizzas

  • Tea Party with Scones & Chia Jam

  • No-Bake Energy Bursts

  • Have an idea? Custom menus are welcome!


  • $475 for up to 8 guests including the birthday child.

  • $15 per additional child


  • Healthiest Goodie Bag on the market! Growing Up Healthy Seed to Fork Kits. Exclusively available from Nutrition Bites. Save 20% off the retail price!

  • Custom Nutrition Bites kid-sized aprons: Every child receives a Nutrition Bites apron to wear and go home with!

  • A follow-up private cooking lesson as a gift from you for the birthday child (25% off) 

  • Nutrition Bites party invitations with envelopes ($1.25 each)

Check Out All The Invitations We Offer!

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is more than just learning healthy recipes. I also offering your family the chance to learn together about the importance of nutrition and how to integrate some healthy tips and tricks into your lives. 


Whether you need to figure out what to buy while grocery shopping, or have a chat about nutrition and what works best for your family, I am here to help! My goal is to help you better understand how to integrate healthier options into your life without breaking the bank. I also want to help you create a meal plan and figure out what works best for your family. 

Sessions and Pricing

Nutrition Counselling:

  • Nutritional Consultations are available for children with presence of caregiver/parent. Options and pricing are under Adult Services.

All appointments can alternatively be done over Zoom for no additional fees!


Please contact us for more information or for any other questions about Nutrition Bites consulting services.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? We would be happy to custom design service or package to meet your needs.

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