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Playing with your food

In the popular Pinterest era, most people post amazing creations of culinary arts for kid lunches and snacks in bento boxes and other environmentally friendly containers.

Well some do. Others try their best. I’m in the latter part of that. Honestly, I just am happy to get those busy mornings finished with the kids at school with a healthy lunch and two snacks and my sanity (And they usually beg to have a “treat” for last snack to fit in with the other kids). Are you one of those parents?

I’m creative. But in different ways. I can’t reenact Disney scenes in cheese, fruit & crackers. Most can’t so don’t feel bad or try to keep up.

I prefer to use simple methods to teach an appreciation for healthy food AND cooking. Meet: The Hedgehog.

Start with a mango!

Then wash the outside (just in case, for food safety reasons).

Slice it in two large pieces following close to the pit. There will be a bit extra you can munch on and use too.

Then cut several equal slices in both halves. Rotate each one 90 degree turn and slice again several times to make a grid. Be sure to not slice through the skin.

Add 2 blueberries with toothpicks (if kids are old enough to know not to play with sharp objects) into 2 of the cut mango sections.

Watch the video to see how easily it is to pop out the hedgehog snack – very kid (and adult) friendly!

So hopefully after meeting my Mango Hedgehog, you have either gotten inspired to play with your food and kids OR you feel better about your bento box mishap- at least you tried!

And if you can recreate the Last Supper in lunch box contents, please do not comment with huge expectations of my art skills. I’m just trying to feed the kids with a little healthy fun munching on mangoes.

Just wondering…. What simple tips do you actually do to make food fun on a regular basis for you or your kids?

(Cue the “cooking with wine” comments …)


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