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“Funny things people say to me” Series by Nutrition Bites

Ok, so after knowing Mr R Ginger for almost two years, I have obviously met some of his friends.

Last night we had an evening out in Kitchener-Waterloo with his childhood buddy we will now call Special K.

Special K always comes up with funny things to say to people including me. Last night was no different but I thought I’d share it with my readers.

So he had chips on his kitchen table when we arrived. I was famished after teaching a private child cooking lesson in London and then driving straight away to their place. Mr Ginger opened a bag, and knew they were one of my favourites (Gasp! I do eat chips!!! Don’t be alarmed. Be worried if I’m pretending to only eat vegetables. Moderation people.)

I went to eat some chips. Special K said “You don’t want to eat those!” And proceeded to take the bag away from me. Um, kinda rude but Special K is well ….. Drowning at times. So, with my humour, I never help the matter.

I told him, “Of course, I do! Why would you think that? Because I’m healthy? Because I work in nutrition?”

He says…….

….. Get ready for it…….

……. “I thought you only eat hummus and spinach!?”

I think he was serious. Yes. Yes he was.

What did I do?

I laughed loudly aloud!

I looked at my Ginger and he smiled and laughed too.


Here’s the thing – eating a treat or less nutritious food is not against my nutrition mantra or most others in the nutrition/dietetic field.

My sensories are just like his. But I wondered then if he put the bowl of fruit out for me?

And even out at Abe Erb, I ordered a freshly made, gourmet chicken burger on a bun, and Special K said “You eat bread now?”

I looked at Mr Ginger and I said, “Now I’m gluten-free?” I smiled.

Ahhhhh. I guess everyone wants perfection out of a profession. That being said, do lawyers and cops never speed while driving? Are they not someone to respect because they made a rolling stop or didn’t check their blind spot before changing lanes?

It’s kind of the same idea.

But we will be enjoying Special K for years to come. He makes us smile, and teaches me what people think about nutrition (and things I can help teach, address and advocate for in my career and blog!).

And I’ll be sharing his “hummus and spinach” quotes along with others (confidentiality will be honoured!) of what funny things people say to me about nutrition, food and home economics.

Enjoy. There is lots more Special to come.


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