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A Crusty Idea for your Clumpy Brown Sugar

We baked carrot muffins (from scratch of course) tonight since my little one wants to be cooking as well as her big sister.

I love having the girls make me re-realize how to teach cooking to kids for my job(s). I also love how it brings out the kitchen, food and nutrition facts and trivia I’ve collected in my head after over 3 decades.

So I thought I’d share what lesson I taught (or the trivia that is filed in my head) tonight:

What happens when you have discovered your brown sugar is in a huge lump? Or you can’t even just scrape a bit of what you need out?

I’ll share two ways to fix this:

Old school or newer/modern.

  1. Old school. Use a slice of bread in a closed container with the brown sugar.

  2. Modern day. Use a clay disc that can be bought in most general merchandise stores or food stores. Soak in water first, pat it dry, then place it in the closed brown sugar container.

Both work well. One is more frugal and one is more food safe & gluten free.

So take your pick ….. Which do you use or want to try?

Or if you use a different method, share what you do to solve this crusty problem with me in the comments below. I’d love something new to try in my kitchen.


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