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Whoa Mama! Guest Blog Post

Three blog posts of my own haven’t made it to the publishing stage yet. Ok, maybe more like 10. But I’ve been busy. I’ve been writing for other blogs and publications. (Sometimes other people’s deadlines are more important than your own.)

I was lucky enough to be invited to share my wisdom / expertise / passion on teaching kids to cook by guest blogging for Whoa Mama! in London, Ontario.

Whoa Mama! is a local business that runs Mom to Mom sales (imagine a Kijiji shop for a day with just baby and kid stuff!) and Marketplace Events (Mompreneurs and entrepreneurs that want exposure to potential customers).

It’s a great way for moms to reach other moms as well as learn and promote businesses that offer services, products and events to women, usually with a kid or two, but not always required.

I’ve loved the support and enthusiasm the owners have shown my business in just under 6 months from signing up for Nutrition Bites debut at their last marketplace. (They themselves have their own ventures and can completely relate to other moms.)

I feel honoured to be asked to write for their website. Want to read my blog post giving tips on teaching kids how to cook?

You can get the link to my Age Appropriate Food Skills Chart by reading it!

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your tips for teaching anything, not just cooking:

What’s your advice for any type of teacher?


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