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Sometimes being a real mom means dry chicken nuggets

So I’m all about the honest to goodness truth.

Want to see the inside of my phone texts?

Want to see I’m not perfect, nor claim to be?

And be honest with yourself, ever have this kind of night?

Between my almost 12 year old (birthday 2 days before Christmas) and my almost 9 year old (3 weeks later 8 days after New Years’ Eve), I’m exhausted. Being sick, saying “yes” to doing too many things and the girls having rough days (in their own ways) left my night to dry chicken nuggets on plastic kid plates.

You can have the leftovers.

As you can tell, sometimes dinner (in every home) can be, well, lacking.

Sometimes the kids need more of an ear, shoulder, or guidance to fill up their hearts and souls. And sometimes that means all you can do is throw in some gross chicken nuggets (which Mr Ginger bought…. And I’m now thankful!) and know which hunger to feed with the gourmet good stuff.

That meant I’m Super Mom tonight yet MIA in the menu department.

I pledge to each mom that if you haven’t had this night, you one day will. And if you never get that day, you are truly living in Disney World or you haven’t stopped to fill a much needed hunger.

Take time to feed your child the “good stuff”: One night in a blue moon of subpar / unhealthy food won’t be remembered, but the well-followed recipe for making a secure, confident and loved child will fill your family and home with an endless serving of joy, pride and warmth.

The thanks will come much later. Or so I hear.

To all the moms who have the courage to say, “been there”, thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours in less than perfection but in perfect honesty,

Sandra aka Nutrition Bites aka Mom


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