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My first published OHEA article / news release

Well, I am officially a published author, of sorts. I was selected on March 1st at a conference as the winner of the annual Student Media Release Contest put on by the Ontario Home Economics Association (OHEA). The article was on one of the scopes of Home Economics or Home Ecology: Budgeting. My specific topic that I self-proclaim being an expert at is – COUPONING! I have been doing it for years and will continue to do so. It is a way to stretch my bank account and give myself FREE MONEY. Yes it does exist! For every penny saved is definitely a penny earned. I’ll give you a personal family and kid example:

So one day I picked up the girls from school a couple years back. It was a nice, hot day and I suggested as a treat to go get an ice cream at Dairy Queen (their fave place, not mine to eat frozen treats). We had to stop at Metro grocery store to pick up 2 items. Begrudgingly they went into the store. As I approached the cashier with the two items and one coupon in hand, my daughter turned to me. “Mom, why do you always use coupons? That one is only for a dollar.” My response was, “Well, I don’t HAVE to use the coupon, but then I won’t have a dollar to spend on your ice cream cone.” She looked at me and within seconds had wide eyes in almost shock, horror, and that “ah ha” moment. “Oh! Um, ya mom, I think you should use the coupon.”

So my story goes across every family situation, every financial situation, every age. Don’t worry about looking cheap – you are frugal! Don’t worry it’s only a dollar – it will add up over time. Or it can be an instant treat for something else – like an ice cream. Think about working hard for your money, and given a chance to keep more than you make. Imagine trading in a coupon for $1 off bread and grabbing a coffee on the way home instead. Or if you collect just 5 coupons a week and do that just for one month (I challenge you!) – you will probably end up saving $20. The best part is not in your bank account (which you can always save the results of your efforts), but in the life that you lead. You get that Timmy’s or Starbucks without really feeling guilty or a once a month trip to the movies for a family matinée or date! It’s about being smart with your money – and saving so you can possibly spend it in a more fun way!

Why pay full price when you don’t have to.

Check out my article published on the OHEA website under Press Releases as well as currently on the Home Page.

Click to access couponing_-_an_easy_way_to_save_release.pdf


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