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Food Magazine Review: Milk Street

I have to confess that as much as I am tech savvy, I’m still in love with traditional print. The ability to bring things to read without requiring a cord or battery is still brilliant in my mind. I also love turning the pages and the whole experience of knowing that it will never require downloading and can be recycled in some way or kept as a reference for later and possibly repeated use.

Meet what I consider the Foodie version of Nutrition Action Newsletter: Milk Street. (As a backstory, the Nutrition Action Newsletter was my favourite until they stopped producing a print version early last year to many nutrition experts’, including myself, discontent.)

What Milk Street does is take the approach to be ad-less. That’s right – it is all CONTENT and absolutely NO advertisements. The editor retains complete control of content and doesn’t have to play nice with the big box businesses of food. Consider it the high-end, grassroots magazine that allows the best recipes and so much knowledge of how to cook well at home (and yes, at times, gourmet).

I stumbled upon the “Charter Edition” (read: FIRST EVER ISSUE published!) in Chapters when I wanted to find some cottage magazines to inspire my best friend while taking a much needed vacation.

My May-June 2017 Issue set my opinion in stone for future editions and so I thought to share this with others who might appreciate the fun & experience of cooking at home.

Christopher Kimball’s obvious experience and depth of knowledge plus passion is displayed in every page and picture. The once in a while caricatures bring a New Yorker edge to the magazine, the quality of paper makes you feel like you stepped into a stationary heaven and the content…. well have a look at the table of contents that really is a Recipe Index AND my favourite parts: Every Issue “staples”.

The editor founded Cook’s Magazine in 1980 but is back to the new approach of The New Home Cooking – It’s a Professional Home Economist’s dream! It not only inspires you with recipes that range from beginner/easy to more advanced, but as well explanations of the basic WHYs of food science along the way.

There are even step-by-step PHOTOS that teach you how to make the recipe, showing exactly how whipped egg whites should look with “gentle peaks” and WHY this consistency is important!

The Book Reviews are more about history, memoirs and stories behind food rather than cookbooks galore. There are tidbits of mini stories, creative ingredient ideas and frugal tips along the way. Plus reviews and explanation of equipment to consider in your kitchen. A great balance to all the recipes, all issues also include Cocktails & Wine sections. Because a great cook always knows that food needs a drink to compliment it.

This is a well-thought out master plan “that’s both simpler and smarter”, even touts the editor.

This is a magazine you should try out.


  • Easy for the average cook to follow

  • Great recipe ideas

  • Digital option included with subscription

  • Background Stories included with a recipe

  • Global flavours represented often

  • Explanation of ingredients – completely assuming they are teaching you

  • Paired with a public television show and public radio show

  • Online video recipe guides


  • American / Published in USA – Increases cost & content might sometimes (not usually) reflect that (Or check out the Canadian Website)

  • Cost without advertisements increases what you pay

  • It is paired with its own private cooking school (so it does have a pseudo & inadvertent advertisement for a company)

Final Verdict – Thumbs Up! I don’t mind paying a premium at times for amazing content and no fillers! (Kind of like Epicure spices, 😉 )

Note: These opinions are my own. I have no way been endorsed or asked to write this review. I purchased the magazine myself and have no affiliation or kickbacks to suggesting this magazine.


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